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Kevin Teng

The Media Guy.

I Help Realtors Build Personal Brands Through Online Marketing. 

About Me.

After graduating from college for New Media Website Design, Kevin began working for multiple marketing agencies as a content creator, and website developer. This lead him to develop and master skills such as Website Design, Video Production, and Social Media Marketing. 

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Kevin had the opportunity to work as a Subcontractor for Facebook Inc. His primary role as a Marketing Consultant was to consult with medium/large businesses to scale their advertising campaigns when they contacted Facebook. He managed accounts with over $200k in ad spend and was able to generate a 5x return for his clients for over $1 Million Dollars.

Now, he works full-time focusing on helping Realtors grow their Personal Brand through online marketing. He achieves this by utilizing Social Media Marketing, Website Design, & Video Production.

My Services.

Unlock your online growth potential​ by utilizing a professional website, strong social media strategies, and video production to engage and leave strong impressions in your local market.

Website Design

Developing a website that has an impressive user interface will result in a much better conversion rate, which leads to increased business revenue.

Web pages should have an exceptional layout so that they can appear more appealing to users and make them want to engage with your page. It needs to feed people’s eyes because the truth is; this is where every engagement will begin. For this, the need for professional website design and development is an indispensable factor.

Social Media Marketing

The importance of social media for Realtors is growing at warp speed. With more and more people joining social media sites and using them regularly, it is important that your brand stays active.

With such amazing growth, a Realtor today needs to leverage proper social media channels in the best possible way. By having a proper social media strategy in place, you not only generate more business, but also connect with your customers and serve them on a higher level.

Video Production

Incorporating Video to your online marketing can increase engagement by 80%. Videos can also lead directly to sales. Studies show that 74% of users that consume video content, are more likely to make purchases.


If you think about it, the effectiveness of video is not even that surprising. After all, vision is our most dominant sense. Most information transmitted to our brain is visual. So if photos can boost engagement massively, imagine what moving pictures can do for your brand.


Below you will see a handful of video testimonials from past clients.



"If you want to accelerate and generate a bigger business, you have to learn how to build your own brand through Social Media and make yourself known in your local market. That's how it works and that's what Kevin Teng will help you do."



"Kevin had some fantastic proven ideas on how I would be able to build some lead generation tools on my website and improve my business in moving into the next 5-10 years."



"I highly recommend Kevin especially if you are a new Realtor who needs their own personalized website to start your own branding."



"Sometimes having a website is a bit of a work in progress. When troubleshooting was required or I needed to make a quick change, Kevin was able to accommodate that and get it taken care of very quickly."

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